Create ‘zoning’ within the workplace

The value of allowing people flexibility in the workplace is well documented. Staff who can work in the way that suits them best tend to be more motivated, more productive and take fewer sick days. The spirit of flexibility can also work successfully in the office layout itself. By creating different zones, you’ll give your employees the option to work in an area that better reflects what they need to do and what sort of environment they need in order to do it best.

Zoning provides a great solution for open-plan offices. It allows you to create different areas in which certain aspects of work can take place more successfully.

For example, if someone is working in a quiet zone, their colleagues will understand they just want to get their head down and work uninterrupted. They will also be surrounded by colleagues who are after the same kind of peace and quiet, which means they will all respect each other’s need to concentrate and be less likely to interrupt – allowing them all to be more productive.

Common examples of zones include:

Breakout zones

By creating breakout zones, you’re providing areas where your staff can gather for informal meetings or somewhere to be if they need a break from their screen. Furniture that’s suitable for breakout areas includes soft seating, colourful chairs, panelling, acoustic pods, etc. By using huddle pods and acoustic seating in your breakout zone, you’re effectively building zones within a zone. People can use them for chats, in-person meetings, phone calls and online meetings, with the panels and acoustic padding giving them more privacy. The more relaxing and attractive the breakout zone, the more your staff are likely to use it, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with each other without disturbing their colleagues.

breakout zone for employees


Team workspace zones

Encourage collaboration and teamwork by creating a team workspace zone, using bench desking systems, which can also include sit stand desks. Clear protective screens can be added to provide extra safety while the pandemic lasts without disrupting the atmosphere needed for everyone to work together harmoniously.

create zoning within the workplace


Meeting zones

With the advent of hybrid and remote working, meeting zones will play a more prominent role in future office life. When staff who are working in the office need to organise meetings with staff working remotely, meeting zones can be extremely useful. Incorporating AV technology into the space or even into the huddle pods themselves will allow a group of you to be together while you’re on a call. We have some great meeting space solutions that will enable you to create formal boardrooms and informal meeting zones that everyone will feel comfortable in.

meeting zones within the office

Quiet zones

There are many products that will help you design effective quiet zones where people can go to really focus on their tasks without being distracted or disturbed by the rest of your office activity. Glass partitions will make the biggest difference in terms of noise levels, with good sound proofing, and the addition of smart glass will give people even greater privacy at the touch of a button. For less permanent solutions, acoustic furniture such as floor-standing screens, seating and booths will also help create peace and quiet.

quite zone sign on black dashboard

Break-out zones

It’s always good to provide staff with somewhere they can sit during lunchtime or tea breaks. With the addition of catering appliances, such as coffee machines, they can also prepare their drinks quickly or perhaps heat their food in the microwave as they sit together to chat, read or play games, so they’ll return to their work refreshed and ready for a productive afternoon. You could also consider adding some gaming tables into your break zone such as pool or ice hockey tables which have been proven to relieve stress, improve mental health and increase employee morale and energy.

Zoning is the future for the workplace

Office zoning will give everyone a functional space in which they can work productively. Your interior design can reflect your brand, whether it’s modern and funky or corporate and professional.

zoning is the future of the workplace


Our office design specialists can help you revolutionise your office space, resulting in an environment that will not only reflect modern safe working practices but will also look stunning. Get in touch to organise a free consultation and find out how you can improve motivation and productivity through zoning.