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Glass partitions to create defined work spaces

How transparent is your company? Many businesses are using glass office partitions as a way of making the best use of the space and light available in their building.  Covid-19 has also meant that open plan offices can still work, but the addition of glass partitions can help to define clear work space areas.

Research has shown that workers who have access to natural daylight have better quality sleep and are therefore more active, healthy and productive. In large, modern office blocks, it’s good to let natural daylight reach further into the building by using glass partition walls for offices or meeting rooms by the windows.

Protect your privacy with switchable glass

Commonly known as ‘smart glass’, switchable glass gives you the ability to make your glass partition panels transparent or opaque at the touch of the button. Ideal for both corporate and residential use, switchable glass works thanks to tiny layers of liquid crystal molecules. When switched off, the crystal molecules are unaligned and block the light, which makes the glass look opaque. When a current is passed through them, the molecules align, allowing the light to penetrate through the glass and it becomes transparent. Magic!

Whether it’s for a shop front window, creating a meeting room in the office or making the perfect partition between a sleeping space and a bathroom in a hotel, it’s time to say goodbye to dusty blinds and enjoy instant privacy with smart glass. Get in touch today for more information or a free quotation.

Single and double glazed glass partitions

Glass can be installed which allows you to see out or others to see what’s going on or you can install a frosted option to provide additional privacy.  It’s also good to consider the thickness of the glass you decide to install  to provide greater privacy in terms of soundproofing.

Single-glazed glass partitions are made from toughened glass which, at either 10mm or 12mm thickness, will block out the noise from a general conversation. If you’re expecting your meetings to get a bit heated, or would like them to be even more confidential, you can block out more noise by using double-glazed panels.

Doors can also be single or double-glazed and come with a range of ironmongery options. They can be normal-sized or floor-to-ceiling, and if you’d prefer a solid door instead, we can supply that too.

Transparent and frosted glass partition solutions

The beauty of glass is that it’s transparent. But then again, the problem with glass is that it’s transparent. So to avoid injuries caused by people unwittingly walking into it, building regulations state that all glass partitions must have a manifestation (stick on film to you and me).

This can be as simple as a few dots at eye-level, or as complex as you like. It’s a great place to add your company logo or create patterns and graphics depending on how creative you want to be. Manifestations can also be used to provide greater visual privacy without blocking out the light.

Transparent Glass Partition for Office
coworking hub glass partition

Great for co-working hubs

Glass partitioning is ideal for co-working spaces or those that are renting office space out to sole-traders and small businesses. Glass partitioning can also be used to create small lockable offices that can be adapted as necessary providing flexibility for an office space small enough for one person upwards.

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