Meeting Booths & Cell Pods

Cell Pods and meeting booths provide an excellent solution for creating privacy and space to collaborate within the work place.

They’re a cost efficient and easy way to separate an office without building any walls or involving an architect.

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Benefits/Features of Cell Pods & Meeting Booths

No architectural charges or building regulations

If your business is leasing office space, you may not be able to make any architectural changes. This can be very restrictive – especially as your business grows and develops. Cell pods are a great way to separate space in the office without all the hassle of building. Which leads nicely to our next point . . .

  • No dilapidation costs
  • Meeting booths & cell pods are movable

Meeting booths and most cell pods are easily relocatable, so if your office moves you can take them with you!

  • Add privacy to your office

When working in an open office, it can be hard to focus or hold a private conversation. Cell pods are a great way to add a space for private working.

  • A convenient meeting room

Most businesses, at some point, will need to conduct client meetings – and it can be expensive to constantly need to hire meeting space. A convenient and cost-efficient way to have somewhere to meet clients is to implement a cell pod or meeting booth.

  • Accessible, but still private, separate office

Another great use for our cell pods is a private office. One of the largest benefits of the open plan office is that, due to everyone being in the same office space and interacting with each other, the traditional hierarchy of the office isn’t felt as harshly . . . however, certain senior roles will often need privacy and space to work. A clear cell pod can be a great way to still be visible and accessible to the office, with a good amount of private space.