Floor Standing Protective Screens

We have a huge range of floor standing and pull up screens ideal for salons, test centres, gyms, leisure centres, shops and more. These flexible screens enable you to place them where they’re required and move them around as they are needed and as customers visit. They are an ideal and future-proof solution for keeping your employees and visitors safe.

Protective Screens For Keyworkers

More than ever it’s essential to keep our keyworkers safe and protective screens are the ideal way to do so. Regardless of whether you’re a receptionist in a GP, working on the checkout at a retail store or supermarket or even giving a customer a fresh new look at a nail salon, protective screens provide a barrier between employees and visitors for enhanced protection and the clear acrylic screens still enable your staff and visitors to engage and interact as usual.

Protective Screens

Social distancing is set to be the new normal, so offices must prepare to reopen with safety measures in place. People need to return confident that their safety is a priority and that they are protected in the workplace. Our range of protective Screen Guards and Sneeze Screens are all designed and made in the UK from high-quality cast acrylic and offer the security of a physical barrier, yet maintain light levels and visibility.

Office Protective Screens

Our range of Sneeze Guards and Protective Screens are perfect for putting a protective barrier between you and others, and are suitable for doctors surgeries, hospitals, schools, reception areas, hotels, holiday parks, offices and gyms. Our range includes stable, stand-alone protective screens and we can also supply self-adhesive pads to give you the option to fix it to a surface if required – please click below to see our full range.  Protective Screens which are fixed with brackets are also available.

Protective Screens – Key Features

  •  Easy to clean Sneeze Guards – Protective Screens
  •  Clear acrylic/glass or healthcare grade vinyl
  •  Vinyl is anti-microbial/anti-fungal (AATCC 147) & bleach cleanable (ISO 105 E03)
  •  Different sizes, styles and screen thickness are available to suit different work place environments
  • Can be portable or fixed to a surface
  • Ideal for providing a protective barrier between you and your visitors
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money

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