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Lockers are an essential piece of storage equipment required for various settings such as offices, gyms, sports and leisure environments, schools and more. They provide a secure and convenient way to store personal items, valuables or to collect parcels and mail. Below we’ll highlight the different types of lockers available and their features.  To talk through your options click the contact us button or give us a call 0208 256 5080.

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Bespoke size and finish

Our locker range comes in bespoke size and finishes including steel, veneers, laminates, high-pressure laminates and recyclable plastic.  If you’re looking for strong, durable and waterproof lockers, why not consider our eco-friendly plastic lockers?  Features include; an antibacterial finish, vandal resistant, corrosion proof, UV level 8 and a 10 year warranty.

Locker Configuration

From branded locker walls to custom prints, we can assist in creating completely unique storage solutions. Office lockers can come in a range of sizes and configurations, from single-user lockers to large storage units that can accommodate multiple users.

Colour & Design

You may have a design idea in mind for your lockers or we can help you come up with a concept. From various colours and woods, right through to a fully designed custom wrap using high end furniture vinyl, we can create something that either blends in, or stands out depending on your locker location and vision!

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Digital Lockers

Digital lockers are the most advanced type of locker; designed to be used with a smartphone or other digital device. They are connected to the internet and via an app and can be controlled remotely, making them ideal for settings where there is a high degree of automation, such as in offices or leisure environments. Digital lockers are also very secure and offer features like biometric authentication, remote monitoring and can even be set to be cleaned.

Asset Tracking Lockers

Manage the logistics of company assets (including tools, keys, phones, etc.) to your employees in a controlled manner. Each user action is automatically saved, so you always have insight into who is using an item and where it is.

Keypad Lockers

Keypad lockers use a digital keypad to provide access. Instead of a key, users enter a code on the keypad to unlock the locker. Keypad lockers are suitable for settings where there is a high turnover of users, such as gyms or sports environments. They are easy to operate and provide a higher level of security than traditional key lockers.

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Key Lockers

Key lockers are the most common type of locker and are designed to be used with traditional keys. They are easy to use and are suitable for small to medium-sized storage needs. Key lockers are commonly used in settings like schools, offices and public places where secure storage is required.

Lockers for Gyms and Sports Environments

Lockers for gyms and sports environments are typically larger than traditional lockers and can accommodate gym bags, sports equipment and other bulky items. Gym lockers are often equipped with ventilation features to prevent odours and provide a comfortable environment for users.

office storage solutions
office storage solutions
Rental Lockers

Lockers can be a revenue stream with optional access at reception or self-serve. They supports various types of payments (credit cards, mobile wallets, apple pay, etc.) and detailed real-time locker use is available and fiscal reports.

Lockers for Secure Mail Distribution

Distributing internal documents and items via smart lockers can be seemless with your hybrid workers. Generate a ’package’, select a user and an email is sent to the user with a PIN or bar code to scan when collecting their mail / items. Optional email reminders can be sent to each user.

Additional Locker Features

Additional extras for lockers can include; ventilation, benches, charging points, post slots, numbering (disc or vinyl), sloped tops or planters, name card holders and external branding.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional key locker or a more advanced digital locker, there is a locker solution available to meet your needs.

Get in touch with one of our advisers today to discuss your needs or request a demo.

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