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Antimicrobial surface protection post the Covid-19 pandemic.  This long-term hygiene solution protects against viruses and bacteria and can form a key role in your workplace cleaning strategy.  It can help reduce cleaning time and the amount of products you need to use on the high traffic areas.

Proven antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 and TGEV Coronavirus (test certificates available on request).  The clear coating works 24/7 killing bacteria and viruses and lasts for one year on high traffic areas.

Antimicrobial surface coating…enhanced protection

The uniquely formulated coating prevents bacteria and viruses surviving on surfaces for 1 year on high traffic areas and typically for the life time of other surfaces.

The clear coating can be applied to many items including handles, doors, tables, desks, lifts, chairs, tech screens, playground equipment and fabric too.

All works carried out comes with a 12 month peace of mind gaurantee and labels are clearly displayed on items that have been protected.  We can also conduct an onsite test to show the current bacteria levels before surfaces have been treated and we’ll then show you the readings after the clear coating has been applied…you’ll be amazed by the results!

Protect Shopping Trolley Handles

How does the antimicrobial coating work?

The fast drying, clear, antimicrobial surface coating is applied by our fully trained technicians in full personal protective equipment.

Viral testing to ISO 21702:2019 and bacterial testing to JIS Z 2801:2012 standards. Once the coating is applied independant tests confirmed that the spread of bacteria was reduced by 99.9% within 24 hrs and viral testing on TGEV Coronavirus (as the model virus for SARS-CoV) was reduced by 99.8% in 8 hrs and testing has now been received for SARS-CoV-2 (available on request).

Touch dry in 15-30 minutes depending on the surface being coated.

Protection for Educational Environments

Schools, colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever to ensure students and staff can remain on-site for their lessons and stay safe.  Take a look below to view some recent case studies for schools who have implemented the antimicrobial solution.  Surfaces treated include toilets, play areas, canteens, classrooms, copier buttons, gym equipment, play equipment, phones and keyboards.  Aftercare is simple and areas will just require a wipe with warm water using a microfibre cloth (no nasty chemicals).

Quills HQ Fully Protected

Whilst the Quills head office were working from home (during lock down number 1) we took the opportunity to have our office ‘high traffic’ areas protected with an antimicrobial coating. Our toilet doors, office handles and stairwell handrails were all sprayed by our technicians to protect our employees and visitors.  Check out the video to see the team in action.

Take a look at our technicians in action…

Antimicrobial Suface Coating is perfect for many sectors…

Deep Cleaning Offices
Deep Cleaning Care Homes
Deep Cleaning Supermarkets
Transport Handles

Peace of mind…

Protect your vistors and employees with a sanitized environment where germs and bacteria are less likely to grow.  The antibacterial and antiviral coating shows an 80% reduction in bacteria in the first 15 minutes and kills 99% of viruses in 24 hour.  For enquiries or to request a quotation please complete our enquiry form below.

  • Eliminates static-shock (electrical insulation)

  • Provides protection against corrosion, staining, fingerprints, bleaches and acids

  • Protects and reduces discolouration

  • Perfect for hard surfaces, fabric, tech screens and air conditioners and purifiers

  • Scratch resistance

  • Reduces cross contamination

  • Protective coating can extend your product lifetime

  • No bacteria means no unpleasnt odours

Available throughout the mainland in the UK – book your onsite inspection to scope your requirements and provide an accurate quote.

Enquiry Form

    Antimicrobial surface wipes are wipes that will kill or reduce the level of bacteria or viruses on a surface

    Some surfaces can have antimicrobial agents placed into the surface for example a school chair or the top of a table which will then help to reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses that may land onto the surface.

    An antimicrobial coating is like a clear glass like lacquer that can be applied by hand if you have a small surface area. For larger, uneven or delicate surfaces it can be applied by commercial spray equipment which will then provide an even professional finish.

    An antimicrobial coating is a clear glass like lacquer that is applied to high traffic areas to provide a surface which bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus cannot survive on. It does also provide other benefits including protection against staining, fingerprints, scratch resisten, anti static and no bacteria means no unpleasant odours.

    Antimicrobial surface coatings are perfect for high traffic touchpoints like handles, handrails, buttons, cupboard handles, taps, desks, phones, turnstiles etc

    All hard surfaces, fabric and glass.

    As an antimicrobial surface coating will last 12 months and requires light cleaning there after you will be saving in cleaning products, time and reducing the transmission of bacteria and viruses in the work place which can cause absenteeism and this then causes a loss of revenue in sick leave payments.

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    Our friendly, professional cleaners are all trained in health and safety and are DBS checked.