Benefits of visiting an office furniture showroom

visit our office furniture showroom

Looking online for inspiration for your new office furniture is a fantastic way to see the latest trends in office furniture design and technology. You can explore all the latest colours, themes and styles and discover the benefits of technology like nanotech desks and acoustic furniture.

New office furniture is a big investment for your business, and it needs to reflect your style and values as well as being ergonomic, comfortable and practical for your staff, clients and visitors.

No matter what stage you’re at in the decision-making process – whether you’re still defining your requirements, or you’ve got lost in the myriad of options, or you simply want to check the furniture will fit in your office before you buy – it is definitely a good idea to visit an office furniture showroom to avoid making a costly mistake. Let’s face it you wouldn’t buy a car without viewing and test driving it first, so furniture should be no different given the financial investment.

See, feel and touch

No matter how detailed and accurate the office furniture descriptions are and how many pictures you’ve seen online or in a catalogue, nothing beats seeing the quality of the furniture, confirming the dimensions and trying it all out in an office furniture showroom. You will find answers to questions like:

  • Are the chairs ergonomic and what does this mean for the chair you’ve selected?  Does the chair have lumbar support, adjustable arms and back-rest? 
  • Is the chair as comfortable as it looks in the pictures, and does it function as expected and fit under the desk so your staff will be comfortable and productive? 
  • Will your visitors sink into oblivion on the new sofa for the reception area, or will they feel comfy, supported and ready for your meeting? 
  • Will the new meeting room table accommodate everyone and will there be enough integrated power points for their laptops? 
  • What extras should I consider purchasing with a bench desk?  Do I need to buy cable trays and what’s a modesty panel?

There’s so much to consider when purchasing office furniture for the business and employees that it makes sense to use the support of your chosen office furniture provider and visit their recommended showrooms.

Only by seeing the products up close will you be able to rest assured that you’ve made the right choices.

Check out the alternatives

Another benefit of visiting an office furniture showroom is that you’re likely to see alternative options that you hadn’t thought of, and which may give your choices added value. For example, could hard-wearing nanotech desks benefit your office, or could you fit in an additional break-out area for your employees staff?

Speak to an expert

Speaking to an expert face-to-face and testing the furniture at the same time is the best way to fully define your requirements, explore all the different options and alternatives, and ensure you’ve made the right choices. If you’ve got lost among all the different options available, an expert can help you sort through what’s best for your business. By knowing how all the different elements work together, they can help you make inspired choices and help you transform your office.  

Don’t forget the plans

Don’t forget to ask your chosen provider if they will supply CAD plans for you for the more complex projects which will ensure you fully utilise the space available within your premises.

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The easiest decision of all when you attend one of our showrooms, is whether you’d like a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival or a cup of tea or coffee!

What does your boardroom furniture say about your business

boardroom furniture

For the best way of assessing what your boardroom furniture says about your business, imagine you’re a client visiting your office for the first time and look at it with fresh eyes. What impression do you get?

If you see a room that is attractive and inviting, with furniture and decorations that reflect your brand’s style and values, that’s great. If not, then it may be time for some new furniture.

What does it mean for your business if you don’t like what you see?

Perhaps the table is old-fashioned or maybe a bit scuffed, the chairs don’t match, and the shelves are overflowing with books and files. If you were your client or supplier walking into the room for the first time ever, how successful would you think your company is? If your room is like that, be honest, it’s not going to give them a huge amount of confidence in your success or abilities. According to the scientists, it’s not just first impressions of people that matter, they also take their chosen environment into account, and that any first impression – right or wrong – will last for months.

That’s why you need to update your boardroom furniture

Therefore, an impressive boardroom will impress your clients and potential clients and set the scene of a successful brand. It doesn’t matter if you want to give your clients and visitors the impression that yours is a traditional business, a funky creative company, or a practical organisation that simply gets on with things with minimal fuss, you must reassure them that they’re in safe hands – and one of the elements you need to achieve this is a boardroom that mirrors your brand.

Boardroom tables

Boardroom tables come in all shapes, sizes and designs. So, it doesn’t matter if your brand is traditional, modern, creative, or cheap and cheerful, there’s a boardroom table that will fit in perfectly with it.

And with the majority of people working directly on their laptops, the best way of keeping your boardroom tidy and free of potential trip hazards is to make sure your table also has integrated power sockets.

Boardroom chairs

Making sure your clients are sitting comfortably is a vital element of any meeting but more importantly to ensure they leave with positive memories of your brand. This means your chairs are one of the most important elements in your boardroom… especially if you’re prone to holding particularly long meetings. With a wide range of ergonomic chair designs that come in different colours and upholstery choices, your boardroom will not only provide visitors with the support and comfort they need, it will also give them a great impression of your business.

Soft seating

If your boardroom is large enough to have an area for soft seating, add a sofa or armchairs and a coffee table. By creating a comfortable yet still professional area, you will have the choice of whether to have a formal meeting around the boardroom table or have somewhere to relax when you’re talking to just one or two clients. And it also gives you a quiet space in which to have friendly, confidential chats with your staff members.

Boardroom partitions

If you have an open-plan office but also need to construct a private boardroom, build one from screens, soft partitions, glass partition walls or even storage walls. Storage walls will not only give you an attractive space to keep your company brochures, a coffee machine and the best crockery, they’ll also give you a safe space on which to install a display screen for your presentations.

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How to maximise space in your meeting room


With the right meeting room furniture, you can make the most of your space, whatever the size of your room.

Small rooms and meeting pods

Office space is always at a premium, and if you don’t have large premises, purely on practical grounds it’s likely that your meeting room will have to be one of the smallest rooms or partitioned spaces. But a meeting room doesn’t have to be a big rectangular table surrounded by chairs. Try an oval-shaped table to give a smaller room a feeling of more space, or, for a square space, choose a circular table. Both will also make the room look more interesting and help make people feel less ‘squeezed in’. You could also put corner units in to help keep the room tidy, and maybe brighten the place up by having pot plants or flowers on the units.


One of the main problems in the meeting room – as in any part of your building – is the wiring. When people bring their laptops into the meeting, they’ll need somewhere to plug it in without having wires trailing across the floor and presenting a trip hazard. If this is going to be a problem, get meeting room tables with integrated plug points, making it easy for people to plug in their devices easily, tidily and safely.

Large spaces

If your company is fortunate enough to have a large meeting room, then you’ll be spoilt for choice as to how to furnish the room depending on what you use it for. If it’s solely a space you use for large meetings, a central table surrounded by chairs is probably the best format. However, if it’s likely that the room will be used in different ways, then instead of one large central table, use a number of smaller tables that can be pushed together centrally or separated to provide more spaces for smaller groups to work together.

Comfort is key

If you want everyone to concentrate on the topic in hand rather than on how uncomfortable they are, then ergonomic chairs are a must. There are many designs and colours to choose from, so you can be as traditional or creative as you like with them. For smaller rooms, lighter-coloured furniture in one colour will help make the room look bigger. For larger rooms, let your imagination fly – chairs in different coloured upholstery will make the room look cheerful and friendly. Or you could invest in bigger, even more comfortable, chairs to really impress people. You want to create a space that staff will be happy to be in, so they work better as a result.

Cupboard love

What you need to remember is that meetings must be productive, which requires surroundings that people feel comfortable in. What you don’t want is for your staff to feel that they’re in a kind of ad hoc storage space, so keep the room as tidy as possible. If you absolutely need to store things in the meeting room, invest in storage furniture that will help you keep your staff’s attention on the meeting and not on the mess! Maybe you could store the office biscuits and coffee machine here and provide a touch of happiness at every meeting and a sugar fix too!

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