What does your boardroom furniture say about your business

boardroom furniture

For the best way of assessing what your boardroom furniture says about your business, imagine you’re a client visiting your office for the first time and look at it with fresh eyes. What impression do you get?

If you see a room that is attractive and inviting, with furniture and decorations that reflect your brand’s style and values, that’s great. If not, then it may be time for some new furniture.

What does it mean for your business if you don’t like what you see?

Perhaps the table is old-fashioned or maybe a bit scuffed, the chairs don’t match, and the shelves are overflowing with books and files. If you were your client or supplier walking into the room for the first time ever, how successful would you think your company is? If your room is like that, be honest, it’s not going to give them a huge amount of confidence in your success or abilities. According to the scientists, it’s not just first impressions of people that matter, they also take their chosen environment into account, and that any first impression – right or wrong – will last for months.

That’s why you need to update your boardroom furniture

Therefore, an impressive boardroom will impress your clients and potential clients and set the scene of a successful brand. It doesn’t matter if you want to give your clients and visitors the impression that yours is a traditional business, a funky creative company, or a practical organisation that simply gets on with things with minimal fuss, you must reassure them that they’re in safe hands – and one of the elements you need to achieve this is a boardroom that mirrors your brand.

Boardroom tables

Boardroom tables come in all shapes, sizes and designs. So, it doesn’t matter if your brand is traditional, modern, creative, or cheap and cheerful, there’s a boardroom table that will fit in perfectly with it.

And with the majority of people working directly on their laptops, the best way of keeping your boardroom tidy and free of potential trip hazards is to make sure your table also has integrated power sockets.

Boardroom chairs

Making sure your clients are sitting comfortably is a vital element of any meeting but more importantly to ensure they leave with positive memories of your brand. This means your chairs are one of the most important elements in your boardroom… especially if you’re prone to holding particularly long meetings. With a wide range of ergonomic chair designs that come in different colours and upholstery choices, your boardroom will not only provide visitors with the support and comfort they need, it will also give them a great impression of your business.

Soft seating

If your boardroom is large enough to have an area for soft seating, add a sofa or armchairs and a coffee table. By creating a comfortable yet still professional area, you will have the choice of whether to have a formal meeting around the boardroom table or have somewhere to relax when you’re talking to just one or two clients. And it also gives you a quiet space in which to have friendly, confidential chats with your staff members.

Boardroom partitions

If you have an open-plan office but also need to construct a private boardroom, build one from screens, soft partitions, glass partition walls or even storage walls. Storage walls will not only give you an attractive space to keep your company brochures, a coffee machine and the best crockery, they’ll also give you a safe space on which to install a display screen for your presentations.

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