Reopening your gym safely after the Covid-19 lockdown

gym hygiene reopening after lockdown uk

With the welcome news this week that gyms, health clubs and leisure centres in England can reopen on 25th July, owners of these facilities are breathing sighs of relief across the country as it is expected that restrictions will soon be lifted in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

As with all businesses that have recently had the green light from the government to reopen, intensive planning will now need to be done to put strict measures in place in all gym facilities in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus and to protect staff, clients, members and visitors. Risk assessments, social distancing, rigorous cleaning schedules, temperature taking, data capture for Test & Trace and restricted work-out times are just some of the things that gym owners will need to consider to provide peace of mind that they have made every effort to keep their members safe while they’re working out.

Deep cleaning

The very nature of gyms and their hot and sweaty environments make them breeding grounds for germs. Thorough deep cleaning is recommended as standard twice a year in commercial premises but absolutely necessary before opening a facility that has been closed down for four months during lockdown. An antiviral commercial deep clean can include a sanitising treatment which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is carried out by trained cleaners at a convenient time at your gym or leisure centre business. It’s suitable for hard surfaces such as gym equipment, carpets, reception desks, benches and lockers and is non-toxic and highly effective for re-opening.

Antimicrobial surface coating

A longer term solution to further protect surfaces in your gym is to apply an antimicrobial surface coating which stops bacteria and viruses from surviving for up to twelve months on high traffic areas. This clear, fast-drying coating is touch dry in half an hour, fully dry after six hours and proven to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria by 99% after one hour. It offers antiviral and antibacterial protection including a TGEV Coronavirus strain and Influenza A. With surfaces and gym equipment constantly being touched by multiple users, it’s ideal for weights, lockers, turnstiles, handles, reception areas, touch screens, shower doors and benches and is the perfect way to give your members further proof that you are doing everything you can to safeguard their wellbeing when you reopen your gym. 

Protective Hygiene Screens & Floor Divides

The use of protective screens at your front desk or reception area will also prove valuable to provide social distancing protection for employees and members and floor divides are perfect to place between running machines and cardio equipment.

Hygiene control

When members return to your gym, they will likely be on their guard and be keen to protect themselves from germs. Giving them the opportunity to wash and sanitise their hands when they arrive and between using equipment is vital. By introducing hand sanitiser stations throughout the gym, you will be making it easy for them to take responsibility for their hygiene and that of their fellow members. The use of floor stickers and wall stickers next to the most popular equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers will keep members fully informed. They will also help to control cross-contamination and ensure that members keep their distance from each other. High-use touch points such as doors, handles and mirrors will need to be disinfected every hour by gym staff and portable equipment such as weights, ropes and mats will also have to be cleaned after every use (unless you have the antimicrobial coating applied). Giving members access to disposable antibacterial wipes and antibacterial cleaning products will also be making it easy for them to get involved and protect themselves and other members.

For more information on our Covid-19 products and how Quills can help you to prepare to reopen your gym or leisure centre, contact us and we will be happy to talk you through our different services.