Productivity problems? Try Acoustic furniture.

Distraction and lower productivity within an office typically have one thing in common, noise. In-office noise can come from many different sources; traffic, office small talk, phones, air conditioning to name a few. We are easily set off by noise, and this can cause lower productivity levels, with the average employee being productive for three hours a day. With modern offices having sleek and open designs, employees lack the quiet space to hold meetings or focus, causing stress, irritation, distraction and the inability to multitask. Implementing acoustic interiors that positively impact the acoustics of an office, can be beneficial to employees productivity and general mood within the office. 

What is acoustic furniture?

So now knowing the importance of acoustics within an office, what is acoustic furniture? Acoustic furniture has three aims, to absorb, block and control sound waves within noisy offices. Its done by adding items with specific materials, and in specific sizes, to reduce noise pollution from background office noise.  This creates less noise distraction and provides privacy with an open space. Incorporating acoustic furniture into your office can be more simple than you think! From screens and panels to meeting booths, there are a variety of options that can fit a variety of spaces with solutions to make your workplace acoustically pleasing.

Acoustic Tiles (Walls & Ceilings) 

Acoustic titles are another affordable way to make your office more acoustic friendly.  Hard surfaces typically reflect noise whereas, applying wall/ceiling tiles soften noise by absorbing loud noise that may distract employees and visitors. If you have limited floor space this may be the best solution.

Sound Absorbing Furniture

Acoustic soft seating absorbs sound and can make the best place for a quieter space to work as opposed to hard furniture that can reflect noise and make spaces not conducive to productivity e.g. metal furniture. Instead using furniture with sound-absorbent materials like booths or sofas with high backs, creates a welcoming space for informal meetings, training sessions or a social space for employees to use during breaks. We have a huge range of acoustic furniture available, all in different shapes, sizes and colours, which means it can be placed in almost anywhere within the office. Upholstered walls in the sofas also provide space for Smart TVs or monitors which is great for video presentations or conference calls.


Pods are probably the most effective way to create quiet spaces within the work environment and are, the perfect place to do solo work without distraction and unwanted noise. Pods are able to transform a space’s design and acoustics while being comfortable and stylish. Pods can be customizable and come in many different shapes and sizes.

Acoustic Separators & Screens 

Separators and screens are probably the fastest way to add acoustic furniture to an office, as they can be attached to desks or be stand-alone panels, and can be self-assembled and moved quickly. By using acoustic screens that have been designed to absorb and block ambient noise, you can create smaller working areas that provide greater peace and quiet for your staff, giving them more opportunities to get work done.

If you would like to incorporate acoustic furniture into your next furniture project, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!