Cell Pods provide an excellent alternative when creating privacy and collaboration space within the work place.

The Pods are available in variety of sizes and specification providing solutions for individuals to work in privacy and isolation through to a selection of meeting room environments.

The curving construction creates private and communal spaces for touchdown working or longer periods of desk based study.  The ability to re-configure modules offers the flexibility to alter working environments to cater for changing needs.

Enclave is an elegant solution for developing flexible study, meeting and breakout areas. In combination with our breakout seating, this stylish and versatile screening concept has everything you need to create practical working spaces.


Most impromptu meetings within the office environment will tend to be within small groups, at workstations which disrupts colleagues. Formal meeting spaces tend to be for larger groups, so using these is inefficient. Duo provides a location for ad-hoc, face to face meetings and its compact footprint allows it to be situated within work station environments. Duo incorporates a switchable task light, table top power solution and vertical cable management.

The increased height delivers both additional visual and acoustic privacy.


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